How to write a bestselling Book?

90% of people on this planet want to write a book or at least have thought of telling their interesting life story to the world, but only 2% of them can write a book to tell a story of any kind.

Do you know the reason why? Before that, let’s look at some of the common thoughts that flash in their mind –

“My Life is like a movie, and I will write a Book on my Life one day!

“If I could write a best-selling book, and it gets adapted into a movie or a web series, It will be my dream come true!

“My coaching practice is not able to attract high paying clients, and I wonder I should write a book.”

“The clients whom I give training find it hard to believe my methods; I should write a book on my niche.”

“My struggling corporate career is not heading anywhere, and If I could become a speaker and bring a new lease to my career, I must write a book!

Maximum people who want to write their books but don’t act or are unable to take action because of one reason or the other. At times this reason is known to them.


but I call it LIMITING BELIEF.

Now, let’s look at the common objections, frustrations, or, as I have said earlier, limiting Beliefs that come in your way when you think of Writing a Book.

Common Limiting Believes that deceive you.

A Big objection is, “Writing a Book is a Very Difficult task.”

Limiting Belief #1

I don’t have a good command of English or any other language.

How can I Write a Book?

Belief Breaker: Writing is all about sharing; it’s not about proving to the world how smart you are. It’s about expressing your feelings,  thoughts honestly.

If you open your heart and come from empathy, your reader would relate to your work and would refer it to others.

We would not just go and pick any book from amazon or any other site in the market. We would check reviews; this essentially means we are checking whether others are recommending or referring to this book or not.

Remember, people don’t buy what they must buy; they buy what others buy. Even I do the same. I always check ratings or reviews before buying anything.

Now coming back to the language part, Improving the Language of the book, or simply put polishing the content of the book can be achieved with the help of an editor that you can hire.

Numerous freelancers can work on your book as an editor. If you see, this limiting belief can be broken by taking external help. Improving your language can be an acquired skill; it cannot stop you from being willing to write a best selling book. It All Begins in the mind! Even you can use tools like Grammarly to correct your English errors.

Limiting Belief #2

I am not famous who will read my book? Let me become famous, and then I will write a book.

Belief Breaker: You don’t have to become famous and then write a book, you write a book and then become famous. An average reader when they look at your book, they look at your name with a sense of Authority. Remember, the word Authority comes from the Author.

Limiting Belief # 3

Which topic should I write my book on? What sells in the market?

Never blindly follow the market. Find things that you are passionate about and then look at the skill sets that you have and then look at the similar books that are available in the market.

Identify the niche that you want to write your book on. It must be the combination of PASSION+ SKILL + MARKET

  • Find a Topic that you are passionate about always
  • Find a matching skill that your passion leads you to
  • Identify the market, who will buy my book? ( Research on Amazon as well as another online platform)

20 Amazing steps that have the power to fulfil your dream of writing a bestselling book

Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.

–Mark Twain

  1. Finalize the Subject of the Book. It can be genre or any specific niche like Contemporary Fiction- (Love Story)/Mythology (Genre)/ Self Help- (Parenting as Micro Niche)
  1. Do Research on your topic? More Research = More Realism. Find out what people are curious about the topic which you have decided to write on, what do they want to know?
  1. Create an Outline of the Book. Decide on the areas of the subject that you would cover. The topic that you choose may be a massive one cross out the areas that you don’t want to
  1. Use the right tools while writing your book. A Laptop/ Computer and Tablet with a word processor work You can also use google docs to secure your book.
  1. Find out who would be the main characters in your book. Give names and write their
  1. Characters should take the Story forward. Don’t fall in love with your


  1. Find the number of chapters that you would write. This will control you from going You must finalize it.
  1. Fix the total number of Words that your book would have. Later you can add more but at the start you fix it.
  1. Now is the time to ACT! Choose a place to sit and write. Office Goers should writer wherever and whenever they You can write anywhere, if you use google doc. Whenever you get time write at least 500 words.
  1. Make a Timetable to Write your It can be daily or weekly. And you have to be focused to complete the book.
  1. Setup a Target of Daily or Weekly Word Count. Working Professionals can setup a time to write on
  1. Shed the negativity or procrastination that will attract you towards them, remember they are your BIGGEST
  1. Don’t Setup Big Writing Goals Setup small targets achieve them daily and reward
  1. Share your progress with othersyour friends, family. Share it on your social media account. Post a picture of yours writing a book. External validation will put you on heels!
  1. Don’t Edit while you Write. Keep the flow Editing can be done in later stage.
  1. Keep the inspiration coming. Read about the subject that you are You can read blogs, watch videos related to your subject.
  1. Take Frequent Breaks. It will save you from being
  1. Take early feedback. Share the work that you have done with your friends, family and take feedback constructively.
  1. Write a Short Book. Your First Book may not be a Masterpiece; It has to be simple, elegant, and It should touch the heart. Honest writing always touches the heart, and then people read and refer your books to others!
  1. Don’t Give Up. Remember the journey to a destination begins with a small step, keep taking those small steps, and you will reach your destination one day.

Thank you for reading up to this. Now is time to take action.


Niraj Kumar Singh

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